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newbie questions: shifting cup + leakage; high impact sports

This is my first cycle with the keeper mooncup and so far it's been mostly enjoyable. I've been through the memories but I didn't see anything specifically on either of these questions.

Overnight while I sleep, my cup seems to shift and move up inside, which I suspect means that it ends up next to my cervix, and results in leakage. Is there a way to prevent this? Is it possible that I am setting it up too high when I insert it, which makes it more prone to shifting? Is it possible that while I can spin it around and it feels like it is fully open, that it's not? Any suggestions?

Also, I play ice hockey, which as most of you probably know, is a high impact sport with a lot of body contact. I wear a pelvic protector which is basically a big piece of plastic that sits over my pelvis to protect me from the puck or a stick hitting me there. But I find myself a little nervous about wearing my cup to play in. Does anyone have any experience wearing their cup while playing a high impact sport (someone was mentioning rugby earlier this week; the memories I found were mostly about yoga and swimming)? I suppose I shouldn't be worried, it's just new to me! :)

Today's my first day out and about with it in (I've been wearing it around the house), so wish me luck! :)
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting, sports/physical activities

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