absentmindedfan (absentmindedfan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

re: fitting the cup, and leaks

Hello, long time reader first time poster :)
I got a Mooncup UK last week to use on my period this week. My first day was fine, I had it in with no leaks or anything but my first day is very very light. The stem was long and rubbed me so I cut it off. However the next day it felt uncomfortable to have it so low (even with the stem trimmed it is just inside my vagina) and walk around so I pushed it up higher. This felt more comfortable but it leaked! By the evening it was leaking really badly, and it wasn't full either :(
So how far does it go in? Literally just inside as I find this irritates me a little if I walk/run (I do both of these alot) or an inch in, 2 inches..etc. I don't know whether it wasn't sealing but I used the punchdown method and popped it in but when I twisted it it just kept turning, should it have sealed and stopped being able to move?
I really want this to work, pads and tampons suck
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting, teething troubles
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