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Random questions

A couple random questions:

1. I'm not having any problems with the cup smelling weird when using it, but my hands smell awful after I change it and I can't get them clean. It's grossing me out to wash my hands for, like, 2 minutes in hot water with three uses of soap and still smell that metal-blood smell when I'm eating. Does anyone else have this issue?

2. Is it safe to sterilize the cup by rinsing it in rubbing alcohol before soap and water? I've been doing this, but it just occured to me that I might be harming the cup by doing that, but I don't know.

3. (The most random of all.) How in the hell can some of you guys leave it in for longer than, like, four hours without it leaking? Do I just bleed horribly? Bleh. I have a size 1 divacup and it works great for the first, fifth, and sixth days of the cycle, but the rest is just too heavy and I have to use a maxi pad as backup, just like I had to with tampons. I don't have to change it as often as I had to change tampons at least, thank god. But dammit! I want to have it not leak after a few hours! (It's not an issue of suction-- the cup is completely full after, like, a few hours on the heaviest day.)
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - smells, cleaning - sterilising solution, divacup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting
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