silverminion (silverminion) wrote in menstrual_cups,

maybe not for me...

I hope I don't offend or upset anyone, that isn't my goal at all and I'm sorry if I say things in a less than eloquent way. I'm feeling a bit blunt at the moment. I've been reading this community for a while and doing my own research and I don't think my vagina can handle the cups. I've tried with Insteads, for fear of spending 30 bucks on something that causes pain, and those hurt. And I also bleed heavy and move around a lot and don't like the idea of backflow or cup slippage. Are those really that common or is it just that it's more common to post about what went not so right with the cup than what's going super groovy with it? But, this community has got me thinking about incorporating sea sponges in for my lighter days bc even junior tampons feel sorta unnatural on those days and cloth liners and a few cloth pads. Those all seem healthier for me and would produce less trash. Do they have something that's reusable and absorbant that would work for a wiggly chick who bleeds a lot?
Tags: heavy blood flow

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