bomega (bomega) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love my cup

I took a week long trip to the east coast to visit family and friends in NYC and Washington DC, which showed me what the cup is really capable of.  I normally use my Mooncup UK, but I was waiting on a replacement due to a defect, so I used my Diva this month. 

It started with a non-stop flight across the country on the second day of my period (the heaviest day.)   I was rushed in the morning cuz I woke up late, and then we were delayed due to weather.  Then, on the other side I got lost in the trains, and eventually, got to my sister's apt.  With numerous trips to airplane lavatory and public bathrooms, after a 14 hour duty, my cup handled it all perfectly without complaint.  At my sister's there were 6 of us in her NYC one bedroom was so awesome having to deal with the cup just twice a day at my convenience (showering in the morning, changing at night.) 

On my last day, I drove the 4 hour drive to DC...stopping only for gas.  When my period was over, I was sad that I had to put it away in its little pouch in my purse.  It takes up about the same amount of room as three Natracare tampons, which is what I used to have to carry anyway for one day's needs.  I can't believe I ever had to travel making sure I was packing.  How did I ever do it before the cup?  The cup is freedom.

Compared to other's cup adventures, mine is pretty mundane, but this past week, I came to truly appreciate the cup.
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