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Bubbly feelings

Hi all...

I seem to recall that several people have said that their indication of their cup being full is a bubbly feeling. Well, this my first cycle with my Divacup and I'm pretty good with insertion/removal (after 3 months' worth of dry runs...). Now, today's the second day of my period, and it's naturally the heaviest on that day anyway, but I feel that bubbly feeling every 3-4 hours, and within 30 seconds to a minute I'd leak. Although it feels heavier than even I remember it, my body's been pretty screwed anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm just having an extra-heavy period or something. However, I would like to know...is that bubbly feeling indicative of anything other than the cup being full? After all, I usually manage to spill most of my cup's contents upon removal (I'm kind of tight down there and not that dexterious, so I do it in the shower), so I don't really know if it's full. I also remember some people mentioning that sometimes their cups just leak after a few hours even if it's not full (I did that last night when I went to bed, but I obviously can't feel bubbly feelings in my sleep, so I suspect I just positioned it badly).

For the record, I can get the Divacup to pop open every time, and insertion/removal is all superb. I'm just curious as to whether the bubbly feeling is always cup is full, or if it can be just weird that way and I leak somehow.
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