cfontova (cfontova) wrote in menstrual_cups,

dry run..not sure

i decided to try a dry run on my new diva cup. i folded it and put it in my vag-jay-jay. got it in fine but i never felt like it "popped" open. when i try to turn it didn't really turn and the bottom of the cup still felt indented. it felt like it was sealed around the rim, but i never felt like it was open all the way.
i did it twice and it was the same both times.
however, it doesn't feel to me like there is any room for it to pop open, if that makes sense. i do have a prolapsed bladder so i don't know if that is an issue.

second question....i boiled it and then thought...ok, how do i get it out of the sterile water without contaminating it again? where do i lay it down? etc? i am worried about santization because i had the mild TSS a couple of months ago and i want to make sure that i'm not inserting some bacteria into myself.

Tags: cleaning - boiling, health risks, popping open, seal & suction
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