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Chicago Tribune Editorial

Maybe this is a little OT, but:  I noticed this little paragraph about cups on the Tribune's op-ed page today about a new type of bc marketed specifically to people wanting to continuously skip periods.  As far as I can tell, the pill is basically the same as other hbc, minus the placebo, and carries the concept of Seasonale a bit further.

Here's the cup reference:
"Last year, the makers of a washable, reusable menstrual device promoted their Diva Cup as an earth-friendly alternative to the tons of disposable feminine products crowding our landfills. Who knew?"  Full article here:,0,1024647,print.story?coll=chi-newsopinion-hed

Besides my annoyance at how the writer portrays a pms-ing woman, and makes the DivaCup sound like a new, cute-but-silly idea, I'm also bothered by this really anti-menstruation attitude.  I know that I'm probably a minority in comparison to most women, but since getting my cup I LIKE getting my period.

What do you all think? And is it accurate that it is 'healthier' to get fewer periods because 'Mother Nature intended us to be pregnant or breastfeeding all the time'?  Personally I am ticked off.

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