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MoonCup or DivaCup after birth? Which do you prefer?

Those of you have had children: Do you prefer the Mooncup or DivaCup? I'm not too clear on if the reason there's a different one for people over 30 and/or with a child is because the position of the cervix, or if the muscles are just more 'relaxed'. Which one is it? I have one daughter, birthed vaginally, and there's not really a noticeable difference in elasticity. Tampons are quite comfortable for me, I would just rather use something environmentally AND body friendly :) I also want to make sure I'm getting something that will be good for me, since the cups aren't cheap (though I've seen how much the DivaCup is on betterlife.com)

Thanks :)
Tags: divacup, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues

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