You can call me lilly (lillerina) wrote in menstrual_cups,
You can call me lilly

Couple of issues


I just dropped my cup in the toilet. I fished it out, washed it off, gave it a thorough boiling, but is it okay? Am I gonna get horrible cooch diseases? I love my mooncup (even though I'm only on day 4 of using it), I hope it's okay.

Also, the stem was poking me so I chopped about 4 mm off it, and it no longer causes pain. However, it now seems to be trying to dig its way into the flesh at the side of the entrance to my vagina, it's not painful and I have no trouble removing it, do you guys think it'll be okay?

And a third thing, I seem to be bleeding a lot more than I'm used to for day 4 of my period, is it possible I've torn/damaged something that's cauing me to bleed? I'm gay, so technically a virgin in a lot of peoples eyes, but I have had some previous penetration and stretching of whaty remains of my hymen (which broke when I was 9). Any thoughts on this?

I'm so glad you guys are here, I feel like a total noob and idiot...
Tags: cleaning - boiling, first time use, heavy blood flow, mooncup (uk), teething troubles, virginity
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