cfontova (cfontova) wrote in menstrual_cups,

talked to the diva cup lady :)

well, i called the diva cup info line and talked to a lady there. i was trying to find out if i can use the diva cup that i just bought because it says in the warnings "do not use the diva cup if you have ever had TSS", which I had a probable mild case of about 2 months ago.

she basically told me that they have to put it on there because it's an internally worn product. which makes sense.
man. i just don't know what to do. she said she has had other people call that had TSS too and are using the product but it's  a personal decision....

i'm scared that i won't wash my hands good enough, or won't get it clean enough and all that...
i'm only going to use it if i want to swim at the beach i guess. this sux.

i'm going to have an oopherectomy. 
Tags: cleaning - sterilising solution, health risks
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