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First timer:)

Ok Ive been watching and reading this group for a bit now trying to glean all the info possible before I got a cup. I ordered my Divacup (after childbirth size)from and got it just a few days before my period which started last night. I was reluctant to try the cup out overnight first thing so I waited till this morning to give it a go. At 5 am I got up and inserted it but kept a pad on with it. It kinda wanted to lean to the right but wasnt bothering me so I left it. Was a little messy when I removed it but im home this week and its not really a problem. Wasnt a whole lot of blood but the sides(in and out) were messy. So I got it cleaned and recleaned myself inserted ect and its feeling fine! I just need to work on removal and getting a routine and just being used to what I need to aid myself. Right now im having to squat near the floor and bear down so Ill have to work on learning how to do it over a toilet for outings.

A few questions,
I take my kids to the pool two days a week and since I just started my period last night it wont be done till saturday/sunday. I love swimming and I know the cups are perfect for that. My question is should I wait and get the hang of the cup better and NOT try swimming tomorrow? Do you think it might be wise to see if Im doing it right and see about suction and leakage probs first? Im dying to go swim with them and not sit on the sidelines but I would be mortified if it leaked and ran out. OMG.

Second question,
I will be at the beach in July for a week and yep my period is due that week! Perfect timing. haha
I definatly want to enjoy the pool and the ocean at that time and im hoping to conquer the useage of the cup by then. But will the saltwater bother anything with the cup? Im sure im just worrying over naught but I wanted to ask.

Any suggestions for a first timer would be great!!!
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