pekoemonkey (pekoemonkey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Well, today I FINALLY ordered a DivaCup from I've been watching this community and doing research for so long without actually taking action, even placing the order seems unreal! I was prompted to because I'll be on vacation the last week of June, and predictably enough my period is supposed to come at exactly the same time. 7 hour ride in a brand new car with leather seats, tennis, bowling, mini-golf courses, and other people's beds with oh so white sheets, with pads? Probably not going to work too well. WAY too much oppurtunity for disaster or at least embarassment, especially since there's no good way to travel with my cloth pads. 

So this isn't just a rant post.... I'm wondering if I have an extraordinarily short vagina. I don't even put in my whole index finger before touching my cervix a lot of the time! Will this be a problem? I know that the cervix moves depending on what time of month it is, but from what I've heard it's LOWEST during menstruation. I've read this community enough to know there's pretty much no such thing as a vagina too narrow, but is it possible to be too short?
Tags: sizes/size issues
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