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First Time User...some q's

Things I was wondering:

1) The cup is kinda big (I have the smaller one) ... Is it gonna stretch out my vagina and make it 'looser'...I don't want it to make sex less pleasurable if ya know what I mean...

2) Is it possible to push it out while having a bowel movement?  I just seemed to push down so easy when I was 'pretending' to have one that I would be scared that during an actual one (ok, TMI, i know, lol), if it was an erm, tougher one, that the cup would just fall out!

Now some background:

Just got my divacup in the mail today, and it happened to be day 3 of my period, so I figured I should try it!

After a few frustrating tries, I FINALLY got it in.  I followed the instructions inthe manual...the only thing I was having trouble with was 'rotating' it.  I really cannot tell if it is actually rotating...it 'seems' like it is, but it was tough to know for sure.

I went for a run with it, and wore a pantyliner just to be safe.  When I got back, there was a few spots, but I am not sure if that was leakage or if it was just extra stuff that was already ya know, coming out before I put the cup in??

Anyways, I got really scared b/c I could not even feel the stem AT ALL, so I decided to take it out...once again following the instructions...it seemed to come down no problem! Cept when It was nearing the opening, it was hard to get a good grip, and it kinda popped back open, and was rather painful - felt like I scraped off part of my inner wall!!  This is really gross, but on the outside of the cup, there was some chunky stuff...since I had felt like I scraped stuff off...I was kinda scared that I literally did do that...or am I just being paranoid, and that is just 'old' blood?

I washed it and put it back in and have been wearing it for 2.5 hrs.  So far so good...The stem doesnt seem to be an issue at all...so I am not sure if I am wearing it too high up, but it kinda just got sucked up there, LOL!  The only thing I am noticing is a very mild burning sensation...the same thing that I get if too much soap gets up in there in the shower...so I dont think it is anything to worry about??

Thanks :) :)  I think me and this divacup are gonna get along :p
Tags: bowel movements, first time use, seal & suction
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