cfontova (cfontova) wrote in menstrual_cups,

TSS??? need help, going to the beach :)

i had a mild case(yes, it exists) of TSS 2 months ago. i was lucky enough to get antibiotics on the 2nd day that i felt bad and it must've caught it really early. it was super mild, nothing like the horror stories that we hear. I know that it was TSS because 10 days after my episode, my hands started to peel. a distinctive symptom of TSS.

anyway, if you have had TSS you are advised never to use tampons again. although, my gyno is not completely convinced that it was TSS, although I am. So, he says i can wear tampons but frankly, i am scared to.So, i looked up the instead product in hopes to be able to use that.  I read on their box that if you have ever had TSS then you shouldn't use any insertion product during your period. UGH!! how the heck am i supposed to go to the beach on my period!!

so, i'm hoping maybe there are a couple of women on this board, who saw a doctor about TSS and got the ok to use a menstrual cup...... ***fingers crossed*******

let me know. - i head to the beach on saturday !!!
Tags: health risks

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