Xaoey (donnajuanita) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Antibacterial, anyone?

Hello, ladies! I just recieved my Diva on Friday, and I'm itching to test-drive it. Here is my dilemma:
I live in a college dorm, and do not have access to a stove or microwave or any other water-boiling device. (I think my neighbors have a microwave, but I don't know them well, and that sounds like the most awkward request ever - "Hi, I don't know you, but can I use your microwave to boil my menstrual cup?")
I know that the directions (and much of the info I can find on here) say to use gentle, non-scented soap. But to sterilize it for the first time to get all the shipping germs off, can I use an antibacterial soap like Dial? I looked all over the place on here, but didn't find any discussion on using antibacterials. Do I need to buy something else?
As I'm a poor college girl, I'd prefer to keep spending at a minimum. What's my best bet?
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling, cleaning - public, cleaning - smells, cleaning - stains, cleaning - sterilising solution, cleaning - tea tree oil, cleaning - vinegar

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