Sara (sarasnee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Spotting, Bubbles, and Opening

So by now I've posted here enough that everyone probably knows my story. I tried the small Divacup for a year, never worked, switched to the larger Mooncup UK and I FINALLY got it to work after 4 cycles. This is my second cycle using it successfully (YAY!), but I have a couple concerns.

Firstly, last month I was checking the cup every 4 hours or so because I was impatient and had to see how things were going. This time around I've left it in for 10-11 hours and got it to fill up today, apparently I have a really light cycle.

Anyway, when I insert I have to do it fairly low (I insert the C fold sideways so it pops open to the left) and then the cup rides up. The problem is, my pelvic bone makes an indentation in the cup so that it's never fully opened. So, when it begins to slide up and find its spot, I get a lot of air bubbles. I don't know if it's from the indentation, the cup not being fully open, or because it's the larger size, or what. They'll happen when I stand/sit, walk, or move around. Then, as more time goes by, I will get some spotting with the air bubbles. I also get a lot of bubbles and spotting when I have been sitting for a while and then stand.

I'm not too upset because I can handle some spotting as long as the cup isn't leaking, and bubbles are better than the cramps I would be having without the cup... but they are pretty annoying and I just wanted to know if anyone had any techniques or recommendations for me. Do you think downsizing to the smaller Mooncup would help? I was thinking about trying the small Lunette just for fun. Thanks!
Tags: popping open, seal & suction
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