. (alicemarkovski) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I have a question about the different brands of menstrual cups...

I have a prominent cervix, where my cervix hangs low and tends to get bumped pretty easily by sex, due to the fact that I have a bicornuate uterus (that's such a mouthful, but I pretty much have two uteruses connected at my cervix which is slightly larger than average because I've got two uteruses connecting there... yeah it's awkward, I know). I've been wanting to switch from my disposable tampons to a combination of cloth pads and a menstrual cup... but I have no clue which cup I should try out first. Because of my issue, my vaginal canal is actually pretty short and things are a little different down there for me than the average woman I guess I could say.

I know my anatomy pretty well and everything, but reading up about the different cups I'm finding there are a lot of slight differences in the different brands. I don't know if anyone else here happens to have the same issue, or at least a similar one (with a temperamental cervix), so I was looking for a little advice. I was hoping to be able to narrow down my choices down to two so I could buy them and try them out, so which ones would probably be the most comfortable/successful in your opinion?

I'm guessing the longer/thinner cups might be more of an issue because the cups are worn low in the canal (this is all speculation for me, since I've never worn one), so I should probably looking into a shorter/fatter cup. I've also had a child if that matters any, but I had a c-section so I don't see how it would matter too too much.

Haha, okay this is getting a little embarrassing to ask about. I'm really very clueless about this whole thing :P

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