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A Success-ish Story!

For those of you following the Bloody Saga, here's Part III (in which relatively small amounts of blood appear, and no screaming is involved)

I finally feel comfortable posting this publicly, as it's a bit less... detailed.

So I've had my cup back in today... yay! Insertion, although relatively time-consuming (I've gotten worse at folding, WTH?) is basically a non-issue. I have inserted it both on the toilet and in the shower. I put it in this morning when I showered.

On the first emptying, it was a bit over-full, and my fingers got bloody again. Joy. Removal is still difficult. I did get brave enough to take the bloody-tp-swathed cup out of the stall and to the public sink to rinse it (and my hands) since no one was about. I had planned on rinsing off in the shower, but I seemed relatively clean, so I skipped it.

My cramps tried to murder me at that point, but I got the upper hand with some Advil. A few hours later, I emptied my cup again, this time taking a wet paper towel into the stall. That was a nice helper. My cup wasn't full! I still got a few bloody fingers trying to break the seal, which kept resealing itself, but it was better. By the bye, does anyone have any tips on keeping the seal broken and simultaneously pulling the bugger out? My hands don't seem to want to do both.

I think I emptied it again after that, but I forget. That might be the same emptying as above.

I just emptied it again in the shower. There was barely anything in it! (I was also in the shower to cool off; it's hot here!) Getting it out seemed harder this time... bearing down wasn't working as well, and I was having some seal issues. I wonder if it was a little malpositioned because I just sort of threw it in there before running to dinner, without being very careful about it. But... almost no blood at all on my fingers! Yay! I think I did get hymen bits under my fingernails... oops. But it didn't hurt. Getting it back in was relatively simple. I may vaguely be getting the hang of it, although I'm still not ready to have to change it in a truly public restroom.

In conclusion, I'm still having some issues, particularly with bloody fingers and seal-breaking, but now that my bleeding isn't so heavy, it's going better. Also, does anyone else find that their stem seems to be to one side or the other? Is my cup in crooked, or is my vagina crooked? (Yes, yes, I know, cut it off, but it's not too irritating and I'm not ready to go that far yet! I barely know my cup!)

~Monkeyscience, Bloody Chronicler extraordinaire
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