glueandglitter (glueandglitter) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi there!

This is my very first day ever using a cup. I got a Diva Cup and didn't have any problems inserting it. But! When I went to take it out just now I had a really hard time getting a grip on it. Is it common to have to work so hard to get it out? I couldn't even get a grip on the stem bc of the angle it was at. Did I do something wrong when inserting it? I folded it in half and half again like the box said and then sort of shoved it up there until it felt like it was going to stay. Is there something I can do to make it not shift like that? It freaked me right out.

Also, I'm fixing to head to bed and am a little nervous about sleeping with it in. Is it safe to leave it in overnight? I don't have any cloth pads atm. :(
Tags: insertion - folding methods, removal - painful or problems

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