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Weird leaking and other observations

Hi everyone,
I'm on my second cycle with a cup, and for the first I tried the Mooncup UK, for the second I'm in the middle of trying the Lunette (both in the larger sizes as I'm 34...)- I only heard about the Lunette's larger capacity after I got the Mooncup, and I have a really heavy flow (we're talking largest size o.b. tampons at least every two hours on a heavy day-tampax doesn't even COME that large).
Before those cups, I've used tampons without any problems for about 22 years.
The good thing about the cups is, I don't have ANY problems now getting them in or out after a few dry runs. The stem ofthe Mooncupis almost cmpletely cut off, the softer stem of the Lunette didn't bother me too much and is only cut off half.
The bad thing is, they will inevitably start leaking before they're full, both the Mooncup as well as the Lunette, and the fluid actually seems to be coming through the HOLES- has anyone ever experienced that? You can clearlySEE it's seeping through the holes. Is my period really too heavy on the first two days to be handled by a cup???
And the weird thing is, I never had a leak during the night-8 hours on the heaviest day and NO leakage whatsoever.
I have also got to know my cervix because i thught I'm putting the cup somewhere wrong. I can clearly feel it, and with the cup inserted, it definitely is within the cup- it is tilted a little, but the cup does seem to be accommodating that. I always twist the cup, stick a finger up there and feel around it, it's properly unfolded and does have a seal, but after somtimes two, sometimes three hours, it will start leaking. I have managed to leave it in for six hours without leaking, but I didn't do anything DIFFERENT compared to the other times...I don't get it. And if it leaks, it's always like...gushing out. And I haven't even SEEN the cup full to the rim yet...
i just want it to work, because insertion and wearing are absolutely perfect, if they were just a little bit more predictable....

Deeply confused and grumpy due to the usual cramps....and I'm nibbling some of those candies that the Lunette company sends along with every cup you order...they're so tasty I had to hunt down a shop that sells Finnish sweets....
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