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Just thought I'd share

Today is the last day of my second period with my Diva Cup. I just have to say... it went by really fast. Normally it's like, day two of my period and I'm wondering how much longer I have to wait until it's over. Today I'm like, oh... it's over already? I love that. I love how easy the Diva Cup makes my period. I love that I feel better, smell better and look better (as I now have the freedom to wear whatever I want).

I really wish I had known of the Diva Cup (or ANY menstrual cup, for that matter) years ago. It would have saved me lots of stress and anxiety. I no longer fear my period, but look at it as something amazing that happens in my body. I've become more aware of myself, my cycle. The things that make me a woman.

With that, my second period with the Diva has been 100% successful. It wasn't difficult at all for me last cycle either, but there was an adjustment period of figuring out what was going on, and how to do this thing. Now it's lovely. I rave about my cup all the time. My husband is really tired of hearing about it. :)
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