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ow ow owww - post-insertion pain

I just inserted my divacup (the smaller one) a few hours ago because I took out my nuvaring earlier today and I'm expecting my period to start in the next day or so, but I have a small problem. I've been using the divacup problem-free for a long time (except for what's below) and I'm most definitely not a virgin in any way.

After inserting the cup, it really really hurts down there, and this is something that's been happening only in the past couple of times I've been using the cup. I don't quite know how to describe it, other than it's the slightly less painful version of the pain you get when you pull out the cup without breaking the suction. I have no idea why it's happening, and it doesn't go away until after I stop using the cup. I can feel the cup bumping into my uterus sometimes (and thought this might be why), but I always have and it's nothing new, but the pain problem is new...and it's bad enough that I'm about to put in a new nuvaring ahead of schedule if it keeps up this time around (says something about how much I hate using tampons and pads...:p ).

FWIW, I have a tremor and a pretty weak grip in both hands (ladies...I can't stress enough the importance of ergonomics and taking breaks while using the computer...) so my divacup insertion involves using the standard fold, inevitably losing my grip on the fold halfway in, pushing it up a little bit until it's up there, twisting it around (if it doesn't twist, pulling it out and trying again) and washing my hands. So might it be because the suction created before it's in all the way is doing something? (something briefly mentioned in an earlier post here, except this isn't like post-rough-sex pain either..). And again, while my insertion method is not new, the pain is.

So I'm totally lost and confused and frustrated and in pain right now. Any comments are welcome, and thanks in advance :)
Tags: insertion - painful or problems

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