indira_rose2 (indira_rose2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

second time of using it and it goes much better!!

At my first period using the cup, i had problems with unsealing when i had to go to the toilet. and it unsealed no mather what after 4 hours when i didn't had to go.
But now i haven't got this problem anymore!!! My period is almost over and the mooncup UK and the lunette does great work!
I can where it all day without worrying.
Now i don't let it pop open in the entrance of my vagina, but when it's 3/4 in.
I use toothpicks as well for the holes.

It's fun this way.  It feels like i don't have my period at all! 
So it's true what they all say: it goes better every time!
Tags: success stories
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