suusjeuh (suusjeuh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Locate cervix?

I am quite comfortable with myself and my vag, but this keeps me wondering...

How do you know where your cervix is located? All I read here is "Make sure the cup is not next to your cervix" and "my cervix sits low/high..."

I always use the insert rim, open cup and push up cup, so the cup is always right, I never push it up high but sometimes it works itself up high. So I don't have leakage but am wondering about how you all know where your cervix is.

Plus, another question. I think in most countries it is normal to visit a gynecologist regularly. Here, you go to your GP but woman below 30 years old don't get internal examinations. So I was wondering what your gyn does? I've visited a gyn once after I had a trauma and wound up in the ER and had to have an exam to find out where the bleeding came from.

ps. I should practise my English more... Pff...

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