Elenita (elenita83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A Success! But Removal Still Hurts...

Well, my first cycle with the Mooncup UK finished Saturday night, and it went better than I hoped. It wasn't perfect, but a lot went right: insertion was easy, it unfolded and sealed properly, it was so comfortable that I forgot it was there most of the time (after I chopped off a good portion of the stem, at least), and there weren't any leaks. Compared to my first cycle using pads, my first cycle using tampons, or my first cycle using the Insteads, this was a breeze.

I can confidently say that my Mooncup is here to say.

But if there's one thing I keep having problems with, it's removal. Ouch! Once it seals itself to my vagina, it's like the cup is completely content with its place with the Universe and wants to stay there till the end of time; breaking the seal is a major problem. Bearing down, inserting a finger to the side, and pinching the base all make some difference, but there's still a lot of suction. And more often than not, the suction comes back after I get the seal to break anyway. Ouch again! There's nothing quite as painful as the cup being halfway out of me when it decides to spring open again.

Before I soaked my Mooncup in homemade sterilization solution yesterday, I poked an unbent paperclip through the holes. There didn't seem to be any blockage, but I hoped that it would make things a little easier next cycle anyway. But is there anything else I can keep in mind for next time?

Tags: removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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