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hello community,

it's me again. i'm on day three with my new keeper mooncup, size b since i've never had kids. the stem is all but gone now, i trimmed it to a quarter inch cuz eventho i made it through the night comfortably, it was poking me when i became more active. oooch!

i'll have to eat the $35 bucks if this product isn't for me, i've voided the warranty. but i sssooooo0 want this to work! and it is working... it's not leaking at all. but i want this cup to work well, easily, and comfortably. so here's

now that the stem is mostly gone, i have a better sense of where the cup is sitting. and it's sitting low. real low. i can feel it most of the time, it feels like this weight/pressure inside of me, and like the mouth of my vagina is closed off almost, and it's pinchy sometimes too... it's hard to explain. i thought you weren't suppose to feel the cups a all, but i do. is this true for anyone else?
i've tried inserting the cup as high as i can, and when it's higher it's fairly comfy, but it always seems to wiggle it's way down lower -- and that's not so comfy. any thoughts on getting the cup to stay higher?

also, a couple of other questions:

air bubbles. i keep getting them trapped inside the cup when i insert; they work their way out in 15 minutes or so, but it's a **weird** feeling. this used to happen with my instead cup sometimes too... i have no idea how to keep it from happening. anyone know any tricks?

when i insert the cup, sometimes i can feel it pop open and other times i can't. i always give a little tug on the stem to make sure i can feel suction. if i can feel suction, then i know it's inserted & opened correctly right? i don't have to worry about it beyond that?

i know my vaginal canal slopes slightly to the left. the cup actually feels more comfortable when it's angled inside of me (like 35 degrees to the left) -- as long as there's suction, that's ok, right?

if anyone has any advice, i'd really appreciate it! this community has been wonderful so far, thanks so much!!!
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