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Mooncup UK stem

I've been using the Diva for about a year, and decided to get a spare cup (unpredictable cycle, so I always carry it with me - I wanted one for my handbag and one for the backpack I take to uni). I thought I'd try another brand so went with the Mooncup UK. Wow, the stem is huge! I'm too used to the teeny tiny little Diva stem, which I never even considered trimming because it's barely there.

Well, the Mooncup arrived today, which happens to be the second day of my period, so I went to the bathroom to take out the Diva and try the Mooncup. I inserted it, stood up, walked to the next room, grabbed the scissors and went straight back to chop off the entire stem! It took about a millisecond to decide it had to go... and NOW I understand what people have been talking about when they complain about the stem poking them. :)

Anyway, so far so good. I have the smaller sized Diva but decided to go for the larger Mooncup. It feels just as comfortable so hopefully it will just as happy up there as the Diva has been. And I like that Mooncup provided a couple of advertising stickers - they'll be going straight on the back of the toilet door at university!
Tags: brand comparisons, mooncup (uk), stem length/trimming
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