Deedee (onenalleternity) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Endometriosis and Buying

Two questions or I suppose topics for discussion.

I told my mom about my cup today, and we got into a discussion about her severe endometriosis which went un-diagnosed for many years. Tonight I stumbled upon this website which strongly suggests cups can cause endo. Everything she told me today about endometriosis does not seem that it could be caused, you are just born that way. The information does not line up with the study. Anyone who has had it, or knows anything, I'd love to read your thoughts.

Second, as a cheap college student I bought the cheapest cup at the cheapest price I could find, (although I was thinking going Diva before shopping). Divacup at Luckyvitamin for $19 or so. They had awesome customer-service (I combined my college and home address for the shipping add. and they re-shipped it to my real address for free) Why should someone buy through the true cup company? Why are they more expensive through the original company? Thanks!

Tags: endometriosis, health risks, links, where to buy
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