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Stick too short, can it be made longer?

*Tugs shirt nervously* I've had my DivaCup (the smaller size) for a few months now and have used it for two periods. (Well, one day of one period and a full cycle of another.) The first time I had issues with my perineum tearing and when I removed it, I was dumb and didn't think to deflate it so it came out full-cup. I had to sit on the bathroom floor, shaking in pain for a while. The next month I'd had the brainwave to buy some lube and managed to remove it more or less properly. However, there's one issue that's followed me.

I know this isn't an uncommon issue but looking at the memories and using ljseek hasn't yielded my specific question (although if I missed it, I'd be happy to have someone point it out). The stick jabs the hell out of me. I usually end up limping to the bathroom to adjust it frequently because it's poking me hard enough to cause sharp pain. However, I find that when the cup sits lower so that the stick is sticking out of my labia (just the very tip brushing them), I'm comfortable. I've tried a variety of methods to insert the cup higher but after a certain point, it just WON'T go. And I find that the cup sitting higher makes me feel nauseous (the few times I tried tampons they made me feel VERY nauseous). Even opening the cup makes my stomach lurch but once it's open and relatively low, it's not that bad. So pushing it higher doesn't seem to be an option for me. I also find that I don't have any problem with leakage at all when it's sitting low. I have a good seal. I've never been sexually active so it's possible that I have some over-tightness. So the only time I can actually be comfortable and not in pain with the cup in is when the tip of the stick is even with my labia. Unfortunately, the cup likes to sit in such a place that it seems to poke me the worst. If I put it in higher or lower, it always settles to that one place. So my real question is, how can I make the stick LONGER? A lot of people in my situation have just cut it off entirely but I find that I really need it to pull the cup out (in fact, I think I'd be in trouble if I even shortened it). I have to grasp it with my fingernails until I can reach the base. Pulling it out (even while in a good position and bearing down) is quite difficult so I really don't think cutting the stick is a good idea as I find I need the stick all the time.

So my question again: How do I make the stick longer so that I can wear it comfortably (or any other suggestions that I haven't mentioned here would be lovely as well)?

Sorry for the long, rambling entry but I wanted to include all the relevant information so I didn't have to clarify in the comments.

Edit: Based on the recommendations I've received, I'm going to see if there's any way for me to remove the cup using just base (by-passing the stem). From there I'll look into either beveling it or just cutting it off entirely (depending on how much I still feel I need the stick). If none of that works or I'm unable to do without the stick (and beveling its current length doesn't help), then I will look into getting a different brand cup with a longer stick length.

Thanks again to everyone for their help and support!
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, stem length/trimming, virginity

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