Bri (ladygaia87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

DivaCup Success a little less than a month after Mirena IUD insertion

So, as many of you may/may not know, I pulled out my first Mirena IUD that was inserted almost 2 months ago via my DivaCup. However, I used it again 2 days ago with complete and total success, w/o yanking out my new Mirena IUD, it could also be that its almost a month since I got the new one inserted and not just a couple weeks, and it COULD be that its due to the fact my strings are soften and wrapped around my cervix this time instead of just dangling. I probably removed it and dumped it a few times, even though it didn't have much in it. I used it for spotting/blood tinged CM, the spotting would change in consistency off and on throughout the day, sometimes being heavier than others, which I'm supposing is 100% safe, right?


ETA: I also forgot to mention one little factor that I noticed, and I find quite odd. I have a rather LONG cervix (4 1/2 cm, so its longer than the average 3 1/2 cm, its been measured via ultrasound), and I have noticed, almost constantly while using my DivaCup, that my cervix somehow or another winds up inside it! Yes I know your not supposed to insert it close to your cervix, but I simply cannot help it. I have to insert the cup a little further than some people, because if I don't insert it somewhat farther, the base of it is right at my vaginal opening, which is rather annoying. Has anyone else noticed this with the DivaCup? Perhaps I need a size 1--under 30/pre-childbirth, instead of size 2-over 30/post childbirth? I have 3 children, and I'm not sure if the Size 1 is shorter or not, I know its less wide. My problem isn't the width, its the length of the cup. I really love my DivaCup, so I hope it pulling my cervix into it/me having to insert it somewhat far isn't an issue.
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