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I've converted... my boyfriend?!

So I have a story to share with you all. Last night a my boyfriend comes home from school as usual, and as he is telling me about his day he mentions that his best friend, Julia is "perioding" and was for some comedic reason waving tampons around the dorms... yes, this is quite normal for his odd little group. "Yeah," he says, "I told her she should stop messing around with tampons and get a cup already."

... WHAT?! When I brought home my Keeper, his reaction was "Ew! I don't want to know!" When I bought my Mooncup UK a year later his reaction was "Ew! Vagina measuring cup!" So needless to say I was quite shocked to hear that he's now promoting cups to his female friends. All I have to say is, score one for the team. ;)
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