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obligatory "how was it for you?" first time post!

Okay, so I posted about my Mooncup!angst when I first got my period, and now it's over (by lots of days; I have been unable to LJ post until now, stupid servers), I shall give you my full report!

So after my huge angst about having no period, it finally arrived and I was able to insert the Mooncup without any real problems. Then I had the whole "omg I can feel it, what am I doing wrong?" angst. Trimmed the stem, and it was a bit better. But then it got to the next morning, and I had an exam. I guess I must have been stressed as I just could not get the cup out!! I freaked out. So I put a pad on, and just left it in there. By the time I got back from my exam, I was feeling less stressed (and excercised - yay bicycles!). I managed to pull on the stem and then get the cup out. Wow O_o <---that was pretty much my look on seeing the cup.

But then the rest of the period was FINE!! I got quicker and better at insertion/removal and I honestly felt so great. I had a few cramps, but possibly LESS cramps than before. The C-fold seems to be the best method for me. I tried the punchdown method, but it just was not working!

Only once did I have some leakage, though. I think it was on one of my heavier days and I just felt this wetness, so rushed upstairs and emptied. Even then, it didn't look like a lot of blood.

By the time the period was over, I was almost sad that I would have to wait another month before I could wear my Mooncup again :(

All in all, a success!! I now want to recommend the Mooncup to everyone!!!

Just a question too, while I'm here.

I left the Mooncup in one day longer than my period, as I was unsure as to timings and when my period actually finished. Is it bad to leave it in if no menstrual fluid is actually expelled?
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