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beveled stems/first night success!

hello community,
my new keeper mooncup arrived the other day, just in time for my period, which started yesterday.

before my period started, i had done a couple of practice insertions to get the hang of it, but had never left the cup inside of me long -- i pulled it out immediately afterwards feeling very, very accomplished.

but of course, when my period came, i left the cup in. no real problem getting it in, (i used Vagisil as for a lubricant, which i hope is ok for the cup?) but the stem was poking, me, eventho i had already trimmed about half of it off. (i think this product is naturally going to sit low in me, which probably made the poking worse) it was driving me insane -- not acute pain, but i could feel it all the time, and i really really hated it; it was making me grouchy and hormonal. i didn't want to trim anymore of the stem off or else i would void the warranty, but i couldn't stand the sensation of being poked for four more days either. i was starting to think this product wasn't for me.

i searched through the memories of this community, (this community rocks, btw.) and found an old entry about beveling a stem to make it more comfy; i thought i'd re-post the link here since the memory is two years old, and kinda vaguely labeled.

beveling the edge made all the difference. an absolutely wondrous transformation. i made it through my first night with no further discomfort, and no leaks! this could be the start of a wonderful friendship.
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