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Diva cup and silicone lube...

I'm new to the community... found it by searching google with the above terms.

I've been experimenting with silicone lubes, and it hadn't occurred to me until this afternoon, when my body started giving me warning signs that my period is coming (several days early), that there might be a conflict between them and my Diva cup.

I went through the archives, and found advice to stop use of silicone lubes anywhere from "a day or two" before using the Diva cup to "one week ahead (just to be safe)".

I'm going to need my Diva cup (or an alternative) in the next day or two. I love my Diva cup, so part of me is thinking I want to use it anyway, rather than source and put up with alternatives. I'd keep a close eye on the cup, watch for deterioration, and, whatever the result, it'll be an experiment on the "day or two" theory.

Worst case scenario, I'm out a cup, but I'll have "scientific data".

Thoughts, comments, advice, words from experience?

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