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So I finished my period, all was happy and well and all...  And I decided to clean my cup... so I stuck it in the microwave with some water (which I have recently read is actually bad, and I should be microwaving the *water* and *then* sticking the cup in the water...)  And I decided to soak it in some vinegar.  So I diluted some apple vinegar that my mom had lying around and I let it soak overnight.  BIG MISTAKE!!  When I woke up my cup stunk of vinegar!  I didn't know what to do... I ended up soaking it in plain water for a few days, hoping that the vinegar would seep out of the cup by osmosis... And it mostly smells better, it doesn't have that acrid vinegar smell anymore, but it still smells faintly appley.  

Is it still safe to use my cup?   Is there anything else I can do to get rid of the smell?  Is there any place that someone can link me to that has consolidated information about various cleaning methods?  I know there are lots of posts on this in this community, but I can't seem to find any nice consolidated information (like that post about folding methods/cup sizes)  (Or the one about different cup brands)  

Tags: cleaning - vinegar

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