limabean75 (limabean75) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's the old post-vaginal-birth dilemma - help?

I know similar questions have been asked before - I've been browsing this helpful and informative commmunity for the last 2 days - but I still need some help.

I got my first menstrual cup, the Keeper (in the under-30-never-pregnant size), about 6 years ago.  I used is happily and successfully up until becoming pregnant 2 years ago.  Well, I've just gotten my first post-pregnancy period, and the Keeper that I've hung onto through multiple moves and 2 years 2 months 2 weeks of period-free living?  It is no longer the beloved friend it once was.

I used to enjoy not feeling it at all. The stem was about 2/3 cut off.  Occasionally it would poke me, but a quick reajustment had things right again.  I rarely had leaks other than at night, when I think lying down broke the seal.

Now?  It is sitting very low, it is poking me painfully at the base despite my surgery on it last night involving cutting the stem right off then artfully carving off sharp edges.  And it's leaking - just a bit, but still, I dreadfully miss the no-pantiliner-days of yore!

So after spending a large part of the last 36 hours reading these pages, I am considering ordering a Mooncup UK (in the over-30-post-vaginal-birth-size).    But that's $40 (Canadian) I'd like to avoid spending if it's not going to solve my problems.

I know we all have different bodies and no one can say for sure, but is there a consensus out there that I've missed?  Is a larger size what I need?

Dear one who changed my vagina forever is waking up, gotta go.

Tags: sizes/size issues

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