Z (hakaisha) wrote in menstrual_cups,

This might be me being a little paranoid, but oh well.

I've a Divacup, and while washing it today I noticed a little oddity. The Diva is a frosted silicone, so it's kind of...translucent white, so that it only really seems "see through" when I put it in water, but is otherwise only semi-transparent to light. But while washing it today, I noticed that a bit of the outer edge had turned completely transparent. No frosted-ness whatsoever, just...completely transparent. It's almost as if the translucent coating rubbed off or something.

I've washed the entire Diva with hand soap, my body wash (Johnson & Johnson's baby wash in lavender, if it makes a difference), and hot water; usually just leave it in my bathtub or by the sink to dry (and often forget to put it back into its bag). I don't possess any silicone lube, just regular ol' KY, and I haven't done anything to one particular edge of the cup that I haven't done to the entire cup before, so I'm a bit puzzled as to how just that one little part of it changed colour (I don't think it was like this when I first got my cup two months ago, but I admit I didn't scrutinize it that carefully...was more concerned with how to put the thing in). While the colouring doesn't affect its form/function, I do wonder if it's something I did that caused the silicone to change and whether it's degrading or something. I'm probably just paranoid, but nonetheless, I query those who are far wiser than me in these things.

Any thoughts?
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