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Difficulty peeing using Insteads?

I just started using Instead cups, and...they're all right. They're kind of messy and a little bit difficult to insert and take out, but HUGE step up from pads.

I tried looking in the recent posts about this, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I wore one cup all day yesterday, and last night when I went to go pee, peeing hurt a little bit, and it was just a little bit harder to do. I took the cup out, rinsed it clean, then reinserted it, something I read here was OK to do. This morning, after wearing the Instead cup all night, difficulty peeing increased a tiny bit. But it almost seems like I'm getting a UTI. But I didn't have one before, and in some of the previous posts it seems like menstrual cups aggravate UTIs, not cause them. Maybe the cup is putting pressure on my urethra? But how can it do that if it's snuggled all up close to my cervix?

What does everyone here think? Does it sound like a UTI? Should I take the cup out?
Tags: instead, uti (urinary tract infection)
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