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First time troubles with Insteads.

Hello, eveyone. First time poster, as well as user, of Instead cups. I'm sorry if these questions have been asked before, I looked through some of the tagged entries, but I couldn't find the answers to some of my questions.

Today was the first day of my period, and I was very excited, because I could finally use the Instead cups that I bought a month ago. So this morning, I unwrapped it, inserted it with little fanfare, and wore a panty liner, just in case I messed up inserting it. But I couldn't feel it, and I even tried pushing it back even more, just to be sure. I actually felt the cup pressing against my anus, so I ASSUMED it was back far enough. I even did what the video on the Instead website said and felt for my cervix through the material, and I felt it. It really, really seemed like it was in place.

Hours pass, every thing is fine. There doesn't appear to be any leakage, as my panty liner is clean. But then I had to do #2, and when I was bearing down, suddenly all this blood started to come out! I reach in and pull the Instead cup out, thinking that maybe it was full, but it wasn't even close. It was just basically covered in blood, none of it was actually inside the cup.

I reinserted the cup again, and pushed it back and pushed it back. I felt it pop back behind the pubic bone and again I felt it push against my anus. So a few questions:

1) Do you feel the cup reopen after you insert it? Once I pushed it back as far as I could, I guess I was expecting to feel it open, but I didn't feel anything. How do I know that the cup has fully opened?

2) What does it feel like when the Instead cups "pop out?" Do you actually feel it move from behind the pubic bone?

3) Does it sound like I'm doing everything right? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm so disappointed. I was so sure that these Instead cups were going to work!

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