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After months of waiting I finally got my hands on a Diva Cup! I got my period and was so excited to finally be able to use it, except I couldn't get it in! I was really smart and threw out the directions because my friend showed me how to fold it on hers, and I'm wondering if they had any special folding techniques on there that I'm missing out on now.

I'm generally pretty tight (it took me about twenty tries to get a tampon in the first time. To this day, I still have issues with cardboard applicators from time to time), so I'm wondering if anyone else in a similar situation has any special folding ideas that might work.

I'm slightly concerned because when it didn't fit last time I got frustrated and used tampons again, and I'll have started my summer job away from home by the time I get my next cycle.
Tags: diagrams & pictures, dry run, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, sizes/size issues
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