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After 5 months of relative ease... PAIN! What's wrong?

I have been using a lg. Diva for about 5 months.  Only problems I have really had, until last month, is I have pretty heavy periods and on my heavy days I can barely make it through a 2-hour class before it's overflowing.

Last month I satrted experiencing a lot of pain/soreness.  It's not like when I first got it and got sore because it took me 4 tries to get the cup situated, but it is this constant pain that becomes unbearable (even though it is only moderately uncomfortable at first, it just persists).  I had a procedure done, when I was 13, that caused a band of vag muscle, about 1/2 way up, to heal tighter than the rest, which prevented me from using tampons afterward (they just put so much pressure on it that I could not stand it).  With the diva, I found that if I got it to *pop* over that ridge, that it opens up and spins easily, and doesn't leak.  The stem sits just inside the opening, but doesn't really protrude.  

Well, now, I can't get it up there.  In fact, If I try to open it lower and push it up, it pushes on the ridge and irritates the heck out of me.  I tried leaving it in lower, but it feels like it is stretching me every which ways and still pushes against the ridge when I move and it hurts.  I can't pull it any lower or it'll hang out.

I am very upset, because I HATE pads!  I basically have to accept that I am going to stain almost everything I wear, because my period flows are intermittent, and I can seriously put on a fresh one, feel blood come out, and go back to discover that the pad is leaking.  A week after I had my first daughter, I wore depends and I took a 2 hour nap while on my period, I woke to find it soaked front to back. 

I am just about devastated this morning because I am wearing pajama pants and an icky pad.  Even though I just showered, I feel gross, I never feel that way with the cup.  This happened the first day last month, but I just waited for the soreness to go away overnight and gt it in the next morning.  This time, I have tried 3 seperate times, waiting for the soreness to subside, and it's not working...  HELP!
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