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Canoeing trip issues

(First post!)
This July I am going on a group canoeing and hiking trip in Ontario's Quetico Park. I was quite relaxed about the possibility of getting my period on the trip--"I'll just use my DivaCup," I thought. I've used it for about nine months now with no issues, so I'm not worried about it acting up in the woods. But the park has very strict rules about leaving waste behind: you bury everything in a latrine, which you dig yourself, except toilet paper, which has to be carried out of the park after it's used. I believe you have to carry out or burn pads and tampons when you use them. And I spoke to a friend who used to backpack a lot, and she told me that bears tend to come more often to campsites with menstruating women.
So my problem is, can I just empty my blood into the ground in the woods and bury it? Will it attract bears? Quetico is one of the least polluted places in the world--you can drink the water right from the rivers--so I don't think emptying my cup into the water is an option. There are absolutely no bathrooms in the park besides at the ranger station, which I'll be away from for eight days. My group is all-female, but I doubt anyone's got a menstrual cup and I don't know most of them too well.
Any ideas? Has anyone ever gone camping in a place like this? I've done the math: if my period stays regular for the next few months, it will be in full swing for most of the trip.
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