metalkprtty1day (metalkprtty1day) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette question

Ok, so I posted a while back asking about the Lunette, and wondering if the "one size fits all" thing would work for me. I'm under 30, and have never had kids, and I've been using the smaller sized diva with little problem for the last couple of months.

And though I like my Diva, I like what I hear about the lunette. (and it can't hurt to have a back at home, one in the purse. I forgot I was going to be getting my period that day once and I had to use a tampon....yuck. How did I do that for so long!!!)

Anyway, I was looking at the kuukuppi website, and I noticed that Lunette has come out with their smaller size now, but it says it's suitable for "young girls", and that they suggest the bigger size for "grown women."

I'm 23, so I'm thinking that I fit into to "grown" category....but I don't know. I've never had sex either, would that make a difference?

Tags: sizes/size issues
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