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My period finally came, a week late!! Now I can finally use my Mooncup UK! do you know you've got it in right? I never used to use tampons, so using that for comparison is rubbish. But like...I can *feel* it inside me, and I don't know if the suction is right. When I put it in, I made sure it was right in before I let it open, then I kinda...spun it around a bit. But I couldn't get my finger far enough up to check to see whether the top was open enough.

I have an exam tomorrow and I hope that I've got it right before then!!! And I was going to ride my bike up there, but if I haven't got this right, I might have to use pads for the exam :(

Oh, and also, when I was trying to put it in, I dropped it down the toilet. Great!!

EDIT: I just went back to the toilet and had a little play around. Trimmed a bit more off the stem, and it feels a lot better now. Also, I clenched my muscles a few times and managed to get a finger up there to see if it was working properly. Have had no leakage as yet though!! Just to be safe, I'm wearing a pad tonight as I haven't had a chance to get cloths yet :(
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