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I've been thinking about getting a cup for a little while now, but I'm not sure. I have incredibly irregular periods (when I have them at all), typically very light, but sometimes for 10-15 days at a time. I can't stand tampons at all -- even (disposable) pads dry me out to the point of discomfort after a few days, so something non-absorbent seems ideal, except I get the impression that even with the cups, they're harder to deal with when you're not going heavy? Which combined with being quite a bit on the small side, makes me a bit leery. My ambivalence about the cup and the fact I have no idea the next time I'd be using it means that I'd go for the divacup with the 1-year warranty.

What I'm leaning towards, I think, would be one of the cup + washable pads deals, like from lunapads, so I have something (somewhat) more comfortable for when my uterus is lazy and I barely have to bother, and then something that holds more for when I end up having to take pills and bleed like a maniac.

Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you and here're my questions:
Are there any online, US-based distributors that sell that type of combo? My mailman is a sweetie, but he's a bit of an airhead and a bit of a gossip and has already asked me about packages I have received at home, at my work, so I'd prefer not to have him asking me, "What's a silicone cup made in Canada?" in front of my boss.

Second, given my potential problems, is it really worth me getting a cup or should I just try the cloth pad thing and see how that works out? Lastly, am I even right in assuming that cloth pads would be less drying for long-term use than disposables? (I imagine this isn't really the place for the last two questions, but that y'all might know, anyway.)
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