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Question for you gals that have iuds and use cups.

Question for you gals that have iuds and use cups.
(Cross posted to menstrual_cups community / iud_divas community)

I'm 31 and never had kids. I've used my cup for the past two cycles and I *never* want to use tampons again. Got the hang of it after the first day (actually used my diva cup for the first cycle, then fell in love with my Lunette). However, after my Paragard insertion my gyno had said this in response after she cut my strings nice and short for me.

"I don't recommend using cups with this because I think they breed bacteria. It's not worth getting an infection that could leave you sterile, which I know you don't care about, or wind up in the hospital needing surgery and you might not even survive. It's not worth it. You shouldn't do it."

Now, from all the information I've gleaned in the past few months from these communities, it seems that bacteria festers in the tampon wads and that tampons aren't even sterile to begin with. I hate the way they dry me out and how they feel when they're in. Not to mention the yanking of pulling one out.

Now the cup can be washed thoroughly (i use dr bonner's peppermint soap from recommendations from menstrual_cups community), boiled (haven't done this yet), and cleaned in 1/2 water, 1/2 of 3% hydrogen peroxide (done that). And I thought that the bacteria couldn't grow on the silicone and that the blood is pretty much sterile and not breaking down in the air on a padded mess?

Any information you guys have would be great. Studies links / articles would be great too.

I really wanna use my Lunette next month. Especially since I may out be camping again when I get "it" like last cycle. I'm aware I need to be careful and not yank out the cup and be mindful of my strings (I think she left like a little less than 1").

Thanks a lot guys!

p.s. I think someone in menstrual_cups said that they use 1/3 water and 2/3 peroxide?
p.p.s. And i think someone also in menstrual_cups mentioned having a sig other who was into science, maybe biology or pharmacy stuff, and that he tested her cup for bacteria and all was good?
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