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Review: Lunette vs Diva Cup

Finally got my comparison done. :)

I definitely like the Lunette better.

I found the origami fold to be the easiest to open up for both of them and that's the one I still use.

These are the issues I had with the Diva:
- SUPER suction (holy crap, I felt like I had a plunger in me at times).
- Harder to open up.
- Too long for me. I chopped off the stem and even a little bit of the bottom of the cup and I still felt it.
- Had a problem trying to pee when it was in.
- Stitching on the storage bag was mediocre (but the pin is cool).
- Hard to break the suction and get it out. Bearing down to get it out was hard because of the suction.

I absolutely LOVE my Lunette:
- No super suction (thank gods).
- Easier to open up.
- Much, much more comfortable. (even with the stem nearly all cut off, it's still shorter than my Diva)
- Larger size holds more.
- No problems going to the bathroom.
- I find it easier to get it out and don't have to bear down with much effort.
- I like the blue satin bag a lot. :D

That's all I can think of right now. :)
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