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keeper mooncup & sizing

hello community,

i've been wanting to buy a cup for sometime, (i've been using instead for 2 yrs but now want a non-disposable cup) and i've been lurking in this community for a few weeks, trying to decide which cup to buy. after reading the memories section & viewing your posts, i've decided to give mooncup by keeper a shot; i think this one is best for me for various reasons -- silicone design, u.s. made, and (most importantly) knowing my body fairly well and thinking that this design will fit my needs best.
[thanks to all who've posted 'comparisons' in the past -- they were super helpful!)

so my question before i order: the mooncup by keeper has two sizes, After childbirth, and Before childbirth. i've never had children, but i'm almost 30 years old -- does age matter for sizing like it does for the diva, mooncup_uk, etc.? i know i have a smaller diaphragm size (65mm, as of three yrs. ago), and i always thought insteads cups were a little bit too wide for me, so i wonder if i should get the smaller size, eventhough i'm approaching 30. any thoughts?

thanks so much. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who posted. i'm starting off with size B; i just placed my order. thanks for helping me decide!
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