sim_tastic (sim_tastic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Night with the Diva!

I'm getting better at this, thanks to all of you, but I have a few more questions. 

First what happened last night... 
I put it in right before I was ready to go to sleep.  The cramps came back, worse this time.  I tried to wait it out, and then after about half an hour had to take the cup out.  When I went to do that I realized that the cup must have been in wrong, because there wasn't a lot of blood in the cup, but there was a lot everywhere else.  I reinserted and must have gotten it right that time, because I felt fine all night, and when I woke up there was only a little spotting.  I emptied it when I woke up, something which I am getting a lot better at.  My only problem with emptying now is that every time I do it, blood gets *all over* my hand.  I'm not squeemish or anything, and when I'm at home, I'm fine with it, I'm just kind of worried about for when I'm *not* at home.  Is there a way to empty without getting blood all over one's hand?   Perhaps I'm not just practiced enough yet. 
I really can't get my finger high enough to check for my cervix, but I guess I'll know next time, because it definitly doesn't feel nice! 

Thank you for all your help!  I'm so happy about how last night went even though it was't perfect,  I still woke up and hadn't stained anything, and I didn't really have to worry about doing that the night before... what a relief!

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